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Prey species at Bhootanahalli, 140620

A few of us


had gone to Bhootanahalli Pond (in the Bannerghatta biosphere, on the Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura road)and after watching the Baya Weaver nest construction, made the gentle ascent up the hill to the Bhavani temple, on Sunday, 14 Jun '20.

On the path, looking out over a distant slope to the east, we were amazed to find first a Gaur,


then the even more surprising sight of a Nilgai, a Chital and a Blackbuck all sitting/grazing together


and then a large herd of Chital, stags, does and fawns, crossing the hillside, on a clearing.


It took us a while to realize that there were also some man-made structures (like a water trough) there, and we deduced that there is some kind of reserve area there. Could we have some more information about this please, and know what other mammals have been released there? Have only prey species been introduced?

I must say, that most of us thoroughly enjoyed the sight of these unexpected mammals, and one little boy was asking if we might be able to see tigers and leopards as well!

The photos of the animals are on my FB album (they were quite far away, so excuse the grainy photos)


and on Flickr


Looking forward to learning more about the animals introduced here!
Tags: bannerghatta, forest, mammals, nature, photography, temples, walks, wildlife

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