deponti (deponti) wrote,

Morning walk, 130720

Brazilian Nightshade, Solanum seaforthanium, Muthanallur Lake, 110720

This morning's walk...
A scooter with two people managing a newly-bought carrom board.
Two crows pecking at the innards of a dead rat.
Walkers with masks on, masks off, masks absent.
Picking up the fragrant Akasha Mallige (Indian Cork Tree) so that it will spread its heady scent around the home when I return.
A woman collecting cowdung (I didn't know this was still done in urban areas.)
A young girl looking up at the sky to determine whether she should make the rangOli or not. (She did, and it hasn't rained.)
The spectacular, crimson flowers of the Sausage Tree, and the "sausages" themselves hanging in profusion.
Parakeets screeching as they fly past.
A milk delivery guy looking in disgust at the milk leaking out of his bag on his moped.
Several masked maids on their way to work.
The quickly brightening light sends me back home to start my morning chores.
Tags: bangalore, birds, descriptions, flowers, jayanagar, people, walk

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