deponti (deponti) wrote,

My morning walk...

My morning walk, in terms of what I find lying on the ground....

I'll start with the good ones...African Tulip and Nile Tulip flowers, scattering orange and gold generously.

Then I go on to the other stuff...
all kinds of trash and plastic bags;
cowdung and doggie poo;
mud from excavated roads that have not been filled up again properly;
one of a pair of chappals (who loses them, I wonder);
a large plastic comb;
a child's rattle (I visualize the harried parents taking the howling child back home);
puddles of rainwater, with the the raindrops still making circles in them; broken and chopped off palm fronds and tree branches;
a stack of political posters (the person might have dumped them and gone off to claim his pay, I think)
telephone and tv cables (how can such expensive wires be abandoned in such quantitites?);
three pencils (now that is intriguing!);
a bag of sambar and chutney, spilt across the foot path....

who says walking in the city is boring, even when looking at the ground!
Tags: bangalore, observation, thoughts, walks

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