deponti (deponti) wrote,

Rabbit's Ears!

Another unusual plant! At Prani pet sanctuary, I found this beautiful plant and its flowers growing in a corner, near one of the cages. Not being able to find a match, I asked Arun for help, as usual. He seems to know not only the plants native to India,but of other countries, too,because he promptly gave me the id as Ruttya fruitcosa, called Jammy Mouth, or Jembekkie...native to Africa! (See the Wiki entry link below.)

I wonder how a single plant came to be growing in a pet sanctuary in Karnataka...perhaps one of the animal's droppings contained the seed.The stories of the plants I find may not always be known, but they are intriguing.


Another common name for this plant is... Rabbit Ears!

Update: My friend Akhilesh Sharma says he has it in his garden, so I realize it is a garden plant.
Tags: bannerghatta, flowers, nature, plants, wildlife

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