deponti (deponti) wrote,

Begur Lake, and a TV serial story...

Four of us...Jayashree, Radhika, Tulsi and I...


We all had a great time at the lake. We didn't see either the Brown-headed Gull or the Eurasian Wryneck(which Lokanath spotted). But we had a wonderful time in the morning. Here are few vignettes:

Intermediate and Little Egret (they were fighting, but gave up after a while)


Back of the Pied Cuckoo, which is held to be a harbinger of the monsoon:


The front of the same bird:


Purple Swamphens in their colourful glory. My friend Radhika calls this bird the the Karnataka Monal!


A Spot-billed Pelican flying across the gOpurA of the ancient Panchalingeswara temple, dating back to the 12th Century:


A flock of Northern Shovellers:


Here they are, flying across the lake:


A Brahminy Kite, known as Garuda and revered as Vishnu's vehicle, with its breakfast:


A young Paddyfield Pipit which did not seem fearful at all:


An Indian Robin which seemed to be dancing with delight in the morning!


Beautiful cloud formations:


A hairy moth caterpillar that can cause a lot of itching if touched:


A Hoverfly, not yet hovering:


Beautiful "weeds" of the Polygonum species:


The highlight of the morning, however, was Jayashree's account of a weird bird storyline on one of the TV serials which her parents were watching.

The character who did not want to get married approached a tantrik, saying her wedding was tomorrow and she wanted to be turned into a bird. The tantrik asked her to send her photo by WhatsApp and chanted mantras, and she (here Jay gave a lot of special sound effects) suddenly got a green light going through her, and turned into a parrot.

As the family hunted for the missing bride on the morning of the wedding, the parakeet flew in and in parroty tones, called "athhey! athhey!" to her aunt...and at this point, Jay apparently exclaimed, "That's a female Rose-ringed Parakeet!" to the astonishment of her parents!

The eBird list is


And the album on FB is


A great haul for a short outing!
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