deponti (deponti) wrote,

Tiny whirlpool....

Tiny things can be quite as amazing as their larger counterparts! While at Mavathur Kere, we noticed this tiny whirlpool in the pipe through which water was being carried to the Byadagi chilli fields.


How does a whirlpool form?


is the Wiki entry about whirlpools.


"A whirlpool is a body of rotating water produced by opposing currents or a current running into an obstacle Small whirlpools form when a bath or a sink is draining. More powerful ones in seas or oceans may be termed maelstroms. Vortex is the proper term for a whirlpool that has a downdraft."


The entry goes on, of course, to talk about whirlpools in oceans and rivers; but here, before us, was such a tiny, but perfect one!


We watched it, riveted, for quite a while! Here is the video:

It also reminded me of the tornadoes I have watched in Missouri....
Tags: lakes, nature, observation, photography, videos, water, youtube

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