deponti (deponti) wrote,

Meeting Twisha, Hoskote kere, 121220

At Hoskote Lake this morning, I heard the sweet voice of a young girl pointing out birds to the girl at her side, and id'ing them accurately. That's a Grey Heron, that's a Bronze-winged Jacana, she went.

I said hello to her and Twisha told me she and her father (Rajesh Muppala) have "taught themselves birding" during the lockdown! They are from Perungudi in Chennai (the little girl on the right is Kiara, her cousin). I clicked their photo with their permission. I was able to show her a Jerdon's Bushlark and a Paddyfield Pipit, and tried to point out the differences to her (I probably set her on the path to perennial confusion too. )


A warm meeting in the nippy weather of the morning! Birding hotspots in and around Bangalore are often about the birders, too, as much as the birds.
Tags: birding, chennai, children, lakes, nature, people, photography, wildlife

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