deponti (deponti) wrote,

My bird/nature outings...

Why every outing of mine is very hard work.
The complete process:
1. Announce the outing.
2. Make a WA (yes,I don't feel that leisure groups are at risk) group of those who are coming.
3. Try and get those without transportation to get a ride.
4. Meet everyone at the location on time.
5. Take everyone around, sharing whatever I see, observe and know.
6. Take some photographs (OK, several photos!)
7. Return home and caption the photos, deleting quite a few.
8. Upload to Flickr.
9. Upload to FB, which, alas, no longer accepts the captions. 9b. Share some of the photos with freshly written captions.
10. Upload some photos to the group formed for the outing.
11. Download photos to my hard disk drive.
12. Make the eBird list, adding photos.
13. Quite often, write a report about the outing, giving the links to the eBird list, and the albums.
14. Make a blogpost with the report, adding some photos.
15. Think of all the work and chores piled up while I have been doing all this!
Tags: bangalore, flickr, nature, photography, walks, wildlife

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