deponti (deponti) wrote,

Morning walk, 240221

My morning walk, today:
Women sweeping up leaf litter and piling it up, alas, with plastic trash.
A scooter hitting a car, starting a possibly long and heated argument over whose fault it was. Walkers still in monkey caps, scarves and jackets.
Pet dogs on leashes, smelling at the stray ones, being kept apart with some difficulty by the owners.
Vegetable vendors setting up their vans, or sheets spread on the ground.
Milk delivery men with their oversize bags laden on their two-wheelers.
The laughter club doing their exercises and vocalizations, which bring smiles to the faces of other walkers.
Three young men running past a young girl, finding enough time to flick surreptitious glances at her.
A bent old woman, still walking with grit and determination (no, it's not me).
Young men washing cars on the road.
A beggar eating a bun and a glass of chai, with his bundle of belongings next to him.
Ladies with rolled-up yoga mats going for the morning class.
No children to be seen anywhere, they must be getting ready for their online classes.
I cannot be bored for even a minute on my walk!
Tags: mini forest, observation, walks

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