deponti (deponti) wrote,

To cheeni

Quiet minutes of reflection
Happen even during
Busy bouts of work.
When I turn inward,
And probe myself,
I also find myself
Thinking of you;
Your serenity, your clarity...
Your calm acceptance of things....
And your willingness to share
Your insights with me.
You do not judge me
But accept me as I am, warts and all.
I am able to talk to you,
To agree or disagree with you,
With no fear of our communication
Breaking down, or lapsing.
With each conversation we have,
I am, hopefully, a step closer
To knowing myself,
And, through myself,
Perhaps a little more about creation.
Thank you for all this, my friend.
"Thank you", just two words....however....
They are heartfelt.
Tags: feelings, friends, poetry

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