deponti (deponti) wrote,

Written by shortindiangirl


On a red-oxide floor somewhere
A young woman wages
Another micro-battle of feminism
By leaving an unwashed cup
For an extra 15 minutes.
Her counterparts meanwhile
Storm the streets of Manhattan, topless!

These are not equal fights.
But, behind her niqab in Najaf
Nasima bibi wears the same red that
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims
And the Nagpur bride negates.

Today women are “allowed”
To be like and act like men…
Rarely respected when they
Are NOT like or DON’T act like men.
Feminism celebrates both
Despite aspiring to not be defined
By what men like or how men act

Even as we celebrate
The women who escape
The shadow of these expectations
We see them invisibly leashed
By guilt or shame
for not meeting them.

How much she submits or shuns
Is policed and measured
The grace and the poise
With which she attempts
To define herself as human
Ends up defining her femininity.
Tags: anjana, poetry, thoughts, women

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