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Shyamal and the growing Chucklist of Birds

L. a world full of serious ornithological study, he leavens his knowledge with a lot of humour. (He is still capable of a scholarly treatise with words I can hardly understand!)

Here's a bird-list which he apparently sent the birdwatching egroup on April 1, 2000:

A chucklist of birds typically seen in April

In the woods of the Western Ghats one gets to see the
Rocket-tailed Drongo,
Laughing Thrust,
Bleak-backed woodpokers,
If you are really lucky you may get to see
Paradise Female-catcher

In the wetlands one may get to see some of the late staying
Green Sandpapers
Wood Sandpapers
Little Stunts
Kentish Pullovers
Bare-headed Geese
Pint-aled Ducks and
Black-pied tailwags

You may also get to see some of the resident
Whistling Tools and
Paid Kingfishers

In the large rivers one gets to see the
Sneak Birds fishing by sneaking up to fishes
Brown-headed gals flying along with whiskered
Sometimes one gets to see the Block-headed gals too.

Some of the bards in danger are the Spot-billed Bellycans
Painted Strokes and Glassy-eyed Ibis.

On the open lands one sees the
Small-grin beaters,
White-bellied Manias,
and Yellow-bottled Lapwings.

My thanks to many beard-watchers for their observations used in preparing
this chicklist
notably Emby Crush, S.Supermania, Jay N. Pressured ,U.K.Hurricane, M.S.Giant
and J.H.He-man.

(All these exparts are still around in Bangalore)

Since then, there have been a lot of additions to the list, especially after the advent of mobile phones and that interesting German gentleman who resides in them....Her Otto Korekt, who creates more names.

Bird-eater Flycatcher
Crested Shirt Pant Eagle
Boothed Eagle
Pale-build Flour Packer
Wholly Naked Stork
White-chicked Barbet
Sport-Build Duck
Grinnish Leaf Wobbler
Jerdon's Bushlock
Red-bumped Swallow
Stork-killed Wingkisser
Grey Franklin
Short Toad Snack Eagle
Broad -assed Tailbird
Indian Curser

Brahminy Sterling
Whiter Less-fronted Ghoos
Egyptian Culture
Paddy filed Pippette
Great Indian Bastard
Eurasian Cola Dough
Jingle Foul
Malabar Grey Horrible
Open-bulled Stock
Tickled Blue Liecatcher
Jordan's Baja
Pie-eyed Wagtail
Kneel Grease Plycatcher
Panted Bush Quill
Barn Howl
Sore-ass Crane
Loo-faced Malpoa
Indian Holler
Blitzkrieg Warbler
Brown Diaper
Monta Goose Harrier
Sport Build Dock
Wide Broad Wagtail
White-chick Barber
Coppersmith Barbette
Billions Crack
Faraday's Flycatcher
Boneless Eagle

I am sure each of you have your own addition to the Chucklist.
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