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Nisha-Usha bird chorus....

Did I get your attention with the subject title? I certainly hope so!


Today  four of us had decided to go to Shivanahalli, but we left VERY early in the morning (yawn!) and got to Ragihalli area at the stipulated time.

We waited and listened for a while, and then moved further back, and there were the clear calls of both the Savanna and Indian Nightjars, and we watched one bird flutter off in a barely-glimpsed flapping of wings. 

We then moved a couple of hundred yards forward. By this time, the first touch of the pink blush of dawn was colouring the grey of the sky. We did hear some more Nightjars, some Koels, and other birds...and as 6am approached, and the sky lightened further, we were delighted to hear the calls change!


The calls of the nightbirds stopped, and the songs of the day-flying birds began. The Scimitar Babblers started the music, and other birds like the Red-vented and Red-whiskered Bulbuls joined in. Prem carefully recorded this whole "Nisha-Usha" (Nisha being night, and Usha, the pre-dawn) concert, and we are now trying to identify all the birds that we can hear in the audio. We aim to make an entirely audio-based eBird list when we have identified as many as we can!
Most of us think that birding begins with sunrise; today, Prem taught us that we can start much earlier than that!
If any of you would like to hear the concerto, please message me on WhatsApp and i will share it with you!
We then went to a  very productive morning of birding at Shivanahalli, but that, again, is another story!

Tags: bannerghatta, birding, nature, recordings, wildlife

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