deponti (deponti) wrote,

Morning walk, 200421

My morning walk (alas, my evening swim cannot happen) in terms of flowers and colours....
On the roads....
Yellow....Copper Pod
Lightest lilac....Honge
Yellow again...Nile Tulip
Pale Yellow to Orange... Sampige
From the gardens I pass:
Red....Hibiscus (as I told someone, the flowers closer to the ground are Lobiscus)
Orange.... Trumpet Vine
Palest blue....Plumbago
Bright Pink...Antigone
I am in good health, and can walk every morning over carpets of flowers, enjoying the fresh air, arriving home pleasantly tired, to my newspaper, crossword and a refreshing drink of cold water. What more can I ask for in a world where the deadly dance of the pandemic is raging? I am lucky, and I give thanks for it.
Tags: bangalore, colours, flowers, thanks, thoughts, walks

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