deponti (deponti) wrote,

Vortex and their customer-friendly attitude

I purchased a


Diamondback binoculars in July 2016. I was lending it to everyone on my walks, adults and children alike. Of course the binocs were knocked about, and ultimately, one of the eye-pieces fell off.

My friend Abhishek reminded me that they had a lifetime warranty (which, of course, was not honoured in India). So, when my family went to the US on a visit this month (April) I sent the binoculars off for a new eye-piece to be fitted and.....a brand-new pair, with a brand new case, has been sent as a replacement!

Deeply impressed by this customer-friendly attitude...and strongly recommend this brand for anyone who would like to use them for birding/nature. Alas, they are not available in India right now...


are the binoculars I bought. Right now, I am using a Nikon ProStaff pair. Can't wait for my family to return...and get my hands on the Vortex binos!
Tags: birding, goodness, nature, wildlife

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