deponti (deponti) wrote,

The Ostrich

Let me close my eyes.
Let me not see
These awful scenes.
People dying of the virus.
People dying, not of the virus,
But of the breakdown of the system:
Gasping out their last breath
While helpless families look on.

Let me close my eyes.
Let me not think about
People struggling even to consign
The lost ones, to the flames:
No room at the burning ghat,
Which sports an ironic "House Full" board.

Let me close my eyes.
Let me dream of the times past
When we led untrammelled lives.
When we went where we wanted,
Ate what we wanted,
Hugged whom we wanted.
Hugged whom we wanted.

Let me close my eyes.
But not think of those
Who suffered even in earlier times...
The poor, the oppressed, the suffering...
Whose ordeals did not touch our hearts
Or awaken our slumbering consciences.

Let me close my eyes.
Let me look at beautiful pictures,
Listen to beautiful music,
Think profound, philosophical thought.
Let me not see the ugly truths before me.

Let me close my eyes.
Let me live in my privileged bubble
Of enough money to shield me
From harsh realities, from want and suffering

Let me close my eyes.
As long as ill health, or the virus
Does not hit me,
Let me live, cocooned, without a thought
Of the trials and struggles of those around me.

Let me close my eyes.
Let not tears of sympathy
Or empathy
Escape, and show that I can feel.
Let me close my eyes.
Tags: illness, poetry, realities, sadness

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