deponti (deponti) wrote,

Unhappy Mothers' Days...

Since we finished, yesterday, all the hearts-and-flowers Happy Mother's Day, let me write about the Unhappy Mother's Days.
The mothers who have lost their children to death, divorce or to disasters.
The mothers who cannot bring up their children as they wish to, because of various constraints: overbearing family members, penury, demanding jobs.
The mothers whose children are ill and far away.
The mothers who are terminally ill, and know that they will be leaving their children soon.
The mothers who are mentally ill and no longer even know their children.
The mothers who want to be, but cannot have biological children.
The mothers whose children are ill,
The mothers whose children are physically or mentally handicapped.

Motherhood is a state that comes with anxiety and guilt, and sometimes the difficulties can be overpowering.
Tags: events, health, mothers, sadness, thoughts

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