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We learn about the various meanings of letters in the alphabet...."I", for example, stands for "me, myself". "U" especially in these SMS days, stands for the second person. X and Y (and sometimes Z) stand for the Unknown. But there is another letter which we use all the time...and that's "M"!
"M", or rather, the sound that the letter makes, is something that can be so many things in our daily conversations. "M" in various contexts:

When someone is listening attentively to what another person is saying, "mm".... to mean, "I am listening and don't want to interrupt"

When one is considering another person's point of view and thinking about it....a thoughtful "mm"

When seeing, smelling or thinking of something yummy..."mmmmm!"

A negation of something in conversation.... more of a double "m"..."mm-hmm."

When meaning, "is that so?" ......a gentle, agreeing "mmmm"

When wanting to ask what was said, because one was not paying interrogative "mmm?"

When appreciating or encouraging something, a slightly exclamatory "mmmm!"

When conveying annoyance when one can't talk, especially when one is on the phone and something is happening around one..."MMM!"

When expressing a melancholy resignation....a sighing "MMmmmm...."

"M" can "m"ean a lot of things when we communicate!
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