deponti (deponti) wrote,

Art by Biju

Pettikada by Biju, 130721

Just look at this painting by

Biju Cherayath .

This is (was, it's almost gone now) a ramshackle shed at the edge of Gulakmale Lake. It had a nice extended shade and we birders used to share our snacks under it. Over a period of time, it came to this. I have passed it and looked at it a zillion times, and never thought of it as a subject of art. But Biju has elevated it thus! The end of human use, the reclamation by Nature, creeping in at the edges....Biju's vision and inner eye is just breath-taking. `

In your case, Biju, your 'third eye' is not one of destruction (like that of Shiva) but one of creation! I salute your talent.
Tags: artists, colours, friends, nature

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