deponti (deponti) wrote,

A puzzle and the different ways each of us solved it

On QuizFamilies, the quiz group which I have moderated (off and on, mostly on!) since 1991, my friend Sutanu posted this puzzle:


(Do try your hand at it, if you like, without looking at the rest of the post!)

It intrigued me that three of us got the solution...but we got it in different ways!

What Sravana did was this:

puzzlesol 1

Being tech-savvy, she'd put it on her laptop to solve.

Socro did this:

puzzlesol 2

He said he'd tried the grid, and abandoned it.

Me? I just cut out pieces of paper and fitted them together. The "J" in one piece was the "cornerstone" for me as not too many words can be made with that letter.

puzzlesol 3

This also gave me thought. Just like there are different and valid solutions to a problem or puzzle, surely, there are different ways to achieve the same goal...including that of achieving the Godhead or Nirvana or whatever we choose to call it!
Tags: philosophy, puzzle, quiz, quizfamilies, thoughts

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