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Shyamal is a man of erudition, but he always leavens that learning with humour and interest.

I look forward to his posts, because they first make me laugh, and then make me think.

Here he is, at Keeta Vismaya, an exhibition on insects (a topic he is particularly knowledgeable about) some time ago.


Here is his latest post on FB:

Shyamal L.

From mini-Annals of Improbable Research ("mini-AIR")
April 2020, issue number 2021-04. ISSN 1076-500X.

The judges have chosen a winner in last month's Competition, which asked for a limerick to explain this study:

"Fame as an Illusion of Creativity: Evidence from the Pioneers of Abstract Art," Banerjee Mitali and Paul L. Ingram, Columbia Business School Research Paper No. 18-74, 2020.


Yo! Art sales depend on the buzz.
Stop tooting your own horn b'cuz
Skill is unheeded.
Links are what's needed.
Cuz buzz comes from networks, it duz!

This month's take from our LIMERICK LAUREATE, MARTIN EIGER:
Connections, the authors have shown,
Are how reputations are grown.
That's the name of the game
If you want to claim fame,
Which is why these two guys are unknown.

I thought Shyamal merited a limerick of his own, so I wrote:

An interesting person is Shyamal.
He makes you laugh, and then mull
On the serious parts.
The topics he starts
Us thinking on, are never dull!
Tags: humour, scientific terms, thoughts, topics, verse

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