deponti (deponti) wrote,

The difference between mounting a photography exhibition and posting a photograph on social media

Photography Exhibition:
Choosing from photographs, keeping an eye on audience appeal.
them printed (without the colours changing).
Framing the prints to one's satisfaction.
Hiring a hall.
Inviting everybody that one knows, hoping that 10% of them will turn up.
Finding some BS (er, Big Shot) to inaugurate the exhibition.
Trying to get the press to cover the exhibition.
Dancing attendance on said BS at the inauguration.
Carting framed photos up and down.
Making sure they are hung properly, at the proper eye-level.
Being constantly on hand through all the days of the exhibition (the warmest admirers will appear when you have gone for lunch.)
Hoping that some photographs sell.
Carting the rest back home. Wondering where to store the frames.

Posting a lovely photo on WA or FB or Insta.....Insta-nt Admiration and no hassles!
Tags: exhibition, humour, photography, thoughts

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