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Children's games.....Marbles, Durga Rock, 250821

I watched my brother (who was born this day in 1957) go through the seasons of boys' games....gilli danda, kabaddi, cricket, kite-flying...and the marble-playing season. I never knew when one would wane and another would take over, but the boys seemed to know.

Marbles were very cheap to buy, and intricate games were played, with marbles of all colours, and boys' pockets (I am sorry, this was not a girls' pastime at all) would be bulging with them.

I was, therefore, delighted to find some boys playing marbles at Durga Rock today:


My friend Radhika went to photograph one little boy:


But I liked the fact that these little boys were playing a game that needed no electricity, no major expense for their is the short video I took:

(you can hear one of my friends saying, "we used to play this" I guess in some parts of the country, girls also played marbles!


is a link that describes how to play marbles (or kanche, or gOli, or gOti, as they are called in different parts of India)

Here is another video:

It took me back to the halcyon days when children did not depend upon electricity or technology to play their games!
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