deponti (deponti) wrote,

Godaan, by Munshi Premchand

Just finished watching the last (12th) episode (each about 25 min) of Godaan, Munshi Premchand's novel, televised, written and directed by Gulzar.

A touching tale of a farmer's descent into poverty, but remaining a good man through all of the ordeals. So well produced and acted. How well Pankaj Kapur's make up ages him through the episodes! None of the fake brand-new ethnic clothes of today's "village" movies; the dirt, the dust, the cheating, the lying, the exploitation of the poor....and through it all, the genuine affection of the couple and their family....the cows that are part of their beautifully depicted.
Doordarshan had such excellent serials, when did the quality of entertainment deteriorate so much?

If you would like to watch ( the Hindi is in the Bhojpuri dialect, but not hard to follow the story), here is the first episode (the link to the next episode appears at the right hand side.)


is a very good account and synopsis of the novel itself.
Tags: hindi, india, tv channel, videos, villages, writing, youtube

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