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Another Lullaby


Here's a lovely lullaby that the character of  Padmini , the versatile danseuse and movie actress in many langauges, sings in the film "Chitthi" (stepmother).....She  passed away on September 24th, and this is in her memory.

peNNAga piranthavarkku  iru murai thookam...pirappil oru thookkam, irappil oru thookkam
ippOthu vittu vittAl, eppOthum thookam illai! en ariya kaNmaNiyEy, kaNNurangu kaNNurangu!

Ariri Ariri ArArO.....

kAlam ithu kAlam ithu...kaNNurangu magaLEy
kAlam ithai  thavara vittAl thookkam illai magaLEy...thookkam illai magaLEy! (kAlam)

nAlu vayathAna pinnEy paLLi viLayAdal
nAL muzhuthum pAda sollum eLLu thamizh pAdal
eNNirandu vayathu vanthAl kaNNurakkam illaiyadi!
eerEzhu mozhigaLudan pOrAda sollumadi...theerAtha thollaiyadi ( kAlam ithu)

mArum...kanni manam mArum...kaNNan mugam thEdum
Ekkam varum pOthu thookam enbathEythu?
thAn ninaintha kAthalanai shEra varum pOthu
thanthai annai marutthu vittAl kaNNurakkam Ethu?

mAlaiyitta thalaivan vanthu shElai thodum pOthu
mangaiyarin thEn nilavil kaNNurakkam Ethu? (kAlam ithu)

aiyirandu thingaLilum, piLLai perum pOthum
annai enru vantha pinnum, kaNNurakkam pOhum!

kai nadungi kaNN marainthu, kAlam vanthu thEdum!
kANAtha thookkam ellAm thAnAha shErum! (kAlam ithu)

A rough translation:

For those who are born as women, there are two times of sleep; one at birth, one at death....if (this time) is unused now, there is no more sleep...

This is the time, this is the time, O daughter! Sleep...
If you let this time go, there is no time for sleep, O daughter!

Past the age of four, there is play at school;
Practice of the alphabet throughout the day.
When you reach the age of two digits, there is no sleep--
You will have to struggle with twice-seven languages, an unending difficulty!

It will change-- the maiden's mind will change-- (it) will search for the lover
When yearning arrives, how is sleep possible?
When coming to meet with the lover one has desired...
If the parents forbid it, how is sleep possible?

When the husband who has garlanded (one) touches one's clothes...
In the woman's honeymoon, how is sleep possible?

In twice-five months' time, when one gives birth,
When one becomes a mother, sleep will elude one...
(but) with shaking hands, and dimmed eyes, Time will come to one...
(and) all the lost sleep will come by itself......

ArirAri ri ArirArO....

ArirArirArArO....that's the typical sound that women still make when they are singing lullabies to their's sung in a soothing monotone, to lull the child to sleep.

wondernoon and asakiyume....I'm thinking of you, too!
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