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Change of views....



My views have changed, after my daughter wanted a traditional wedding;

But I must tell you something...though I used to think like you, I have realized that it's not always true that spending money on weddings is a waste. In our culture, where families and friends celebrate together, colourful ceremonies make memories for a lifetime. I was not keen on several rituals when my daughter got married, because I went through them without understanding them, or because they dated to the times of child-marriage; but she said she thought of them as social customs and did not think of them as having vedic" or "non-vedic" origins. All the groom's family and friends were so respectful of our culture and customs, and they participated with such enthusisasm, that the wedding was really enjoyable; it is something that my daughter, and we too, will look back on with joy all our live. Of course, there was no ostentation; but I have come to realize that it is not all black and white, and that sometimes, rites of passage through life deserved to be highlighted with ceremonies, and that it is lovely to have an occasion where those who are close to you can celebrate the joyous event with you. All of the groom's party, and we and our friends, became closer to each other (I had emailed all of them in detail about the ceremonies and their significance earlier) and everyone had a great time at the wedding. See my post

(I am sorry, when I deleted this post earlier, I seem to have deleted the post referred to, somehow....will have to repost the photographs of my daughter's wedding once again.)

What do others feel?

Sorry, I deleted this entry, thinking it hadn't displayed it is again!

enigmaticash, usha123 and idahoswede...could you repost your comments, if you don't mind? (no names, please!) and idahoswede....are you in India? Do email me!! I thought you were a Swedish person living in Idaho or vice versa...! how long are you here?
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