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Modern shairees

Hai tu agar mera dilbar,
Hai tu agar mera dilbar,
To aaj ke lunch ka bill bhar

Woh bhi kiya din the jub hum haseenon ke galey mila karte the,
Ye un dinon ki baat hai jub hum 2 saal ke hua kartey the

Unki gali ke chakkar kaat kaat kar,
Kutte bhi hamare yaar ho gaye,
Woh to hamare ho na sakey,
Hum kutton ke sardar ho gaye

Maine poochha chand se...
Kabhi dekha hai mere yaar sa haseen?
Chand ne kaha: Chandni ki kasam...
2,200,599,999 entries found

Agar tum kaho to tumhare liye
aasman se chand taare torr laun,
Agar tum kaho to tumhare liye
aasman se chand taare torr laun,
Lekin tum unka karo gi kiya???
(Kiya logical sher hai!!)

Jub dekha unhon ne tirchhi nazar se,
to hum madhosh ho gaey,
Par jab pata chala ke un ki nazren hi tirchhi hain,
to hum behosh ho gaey

Ab jab gira baadal, teri yaad ai,
Jhoom ke barsa saawan, teri yaad ai,
Bheega main, lekin phir bhi teri yaad ai,
Kiyun na aey teri yaad?
Tune jo chhatri ab tak nahi lautai...

Lal diwar per choone se likha tha Ghalib ne,
Lal diwar per choone se likha tha Ghalib ne,
Yahan likhna mana hai

And my reply to the person who sent these...

Aap ne jo shayaree bheje...Voh kitney acchey hain
Shaayaree ke maamley mein ham abhi tak bacche hain...
Hamaari soch, hamaarey shabd, pakey nahin, sirf kacche hain...
Par shayaree ke ishq mein to hum badey sacche hain!
Tags: couplets, humour, poetry, shairi, verse

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