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There was a time when we had no choice in travel..Indian Railways, or Indian Airlines. Now there is a bewildering array of airlines, and the fares are so attractive that it doesn't make sense to go by train. But it has taken me the better part of 2 hours to compare prices, compare timings, and book the tickets and pay for them.

And then I remind myself that a few years ago this would have meant repeated trips to the travel agent or the airport or something like that, for vastly higher fares, so I decide that I *am* better off than before.

But while booking I remember the newspaper accounts of the losses posted by all the airlines operating in India...I wonder when the bubble will burst. I deliberately do not book the Rs.221- fares that are offered....(not that I will ever get to the net in time to book these!)...but of course I want a low fare, who doesn't?...and am uneasily aware that with the present costs, the airline is underselling the tickets that I have just bought....Economics conscience doesn't make an easy combination!
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