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Trish, after doing some incredible work in Darjeeling, is preparing to go back home to the US. I have learnt to like her and respect her a lot. It fills me with sadness that someone whom I have met and befriended mentally, is leaving my country, and I do not know if I will meet her face to face. She wrote a poetic sentence in her last post:

"Then I will join the great stream of travelers moving restlessly over the surface of the earth."

 Travellers moving restlessly on the face of the earth...what a moving (literally!) image! Is that what we are, then, ants out an anthill, scurrying along on our errands? Are our contacts as fleeting as the touch between the feelers of two ants, the momentary contact broken as the ants go off busily? Or do ants, too, have these deep thoughts inside their heads as they go about their work?

Here's wishing you a safe and comfortable journey Trish....I hope to meet you some time...if I had got to know you earlier, I think I would have made the journey to Darjeeling just to meet such an impressive and good-hearted person.
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