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I don't know why...I have been, after all, fairly busy, doing a fairly elaborate Saraswati Puja today (I believe less and less in ritual, but like to make my spouse happy, and he likes the puja a lot), and having neighbours over, but yet I find myself returning to the laptop to jot down things...or jot down reactions...

I just decided to wear a saree that the friend pictured in my last few posts gave me last year. One thought was..there is NO substitute for the grace that a saree bestows on its wearer; another thought was...what lovely friends  I am blessed with! Here I am, all "dolled up", waiting for my friend in anticipatory glee (she doesn't know I am going to be wearing her gift!) and then going to visit another mutual friend is happy, and I am so grateful.

We will be visiting a few Bengali puja pandals this evening...I am hoping to be able to post a few photos soon!
Tags: happiness, saraswati puja, saree

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