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Durga Puja, 1 Oct 06...Ulsoor and Jayamahal, Bangalore


Here she is, the mother Goddess, Durga, destroyer of the demon Mahishasura (demon in the form of a buffalo)

IMG_0029 Durga Puja, 06

Durga's vehicle is the lion. The decorations behind the idol are traditionally made of pith; nowadays, thermocole takes its place!

Here's another Puja at Ulsoor (the earlier one was at Jayamahal). Here you can see the Goddess' two sons, Ganesh, the elephant-headed, pot-bellied One. and Karthik, on either side of her.  Lakshmi and Saraswati are depicted flanking Durga. Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati: Power, Wealth, and Learning....what all humankind aspires for!

IMG_0009 Durga Puja, Ulsoor, 06

Notice the very traditonal faces of the Goddesses, and Durga's third eye in the centre of her is used to destroy.

Here you can see more of the pandal (the tent) in which the Puja is housed; it has been made to look like a traditional Palki, or palanquin, in which people used to be carried (esp, covered Palkis were used for women.) You can see the handles for lifting the Palki at the left-hand side. The detailing was exquisite.

IMG_0005 Durga Puja, Ulsoor, 06

And in front of the Puja you can see a lady dressed in a traditional Bengali cotton saree, and a young man in a traditional kurta, epitomising the happiness of the Puja (which is pronounced "pujo" in Bengali.)

Today is Vijaya Dashami, when Durga vanquished the demon Mahishasur and became Mahishasura Mardhini (Slayer of Mahishasura). Bengalis exchange "Bijoya Greetings"....the same to all of you!

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