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9th Block market...


If I were a serious photographer, I would say this belongs in "my market series" or "my shapes series" are tomatoes for sale in Jayanagar 9th Block market. I loved the various shapes and colours...the little rounds of the red tomatoes, the curve of the black umbrella, the linears of the cart and the walls....If I knew how to post-process (when I do something on Picasa and save it, and then post it to Flickr, for some reason, only the original picture goes to Flickr and not the processed one.)....well, if I knew how to do it, I would crop out the stuff at the right-hand side of the picture, I think... oh well...


These luscious large tomatoes are famous AS "Bangalore tomatoes." Such a lovely thing to eat at any time...and they add deep colour to any dish I cook..and tomato juice ( I don't strain out the pips) is also lovely!
Tags: geometry, jayanagar 9th block, photography, shapes

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