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a funny thing happened...

Day before yesterday, we went and met our friends at Woody's, restaurant near here; since it was raining, we took the Wagon R,and by coincidence, both of us took a key each.When we came out after dinner, I couldn't find my key..luckily, the other key was there, and we had to come home. I was feeling bad that I had lost it. The next day, my friend came over for something and took out "her" car key to go out..and I told her it was mine. Her reply was that I was obsessed with my car key and every remote key made me think it was mine! It took 20 minutes of argument for me to convince her that she had remote locking on her Indigo and this was a Maruti key. But she was totally silenced when, at my suggestion, she fished in her handbag...and brought out her key as well! As soon as I had put it down on the restaurant table to eat my food the good housewife had automatically put the key into her handbag...and not one of us had noticed! If she had not come home the next day, AND taken out the key right there instead of in the basement car park, I would have gone and got a new key and remote made at unnecessary expense....
Tags: car keys, confusion, misunderstanding

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