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A new lump (part of this strange thing called panniculitis) on my hip, and the attendant pain, put a stop to any form of exercise for nearly two weeks now...and HOW difficult it is to get the old body going again!

Mind: Well, you  lazy lump of lard, are we going swimming or not?
Body: Can't you see that it is raining?
M: It WAS raining...yesterday. Today it LOOKS as if it might rain....and it might not.
B: But it might....
M: You know perfectly well that once you get into the pool you like it and you actually grin all over your face while doing the backstroke in the rain.
B: Yes, but...
M: Butt is right, also tummy. UP!
B: Tomorrow, def-in-ite-ly tomorrow...
M: That's what you said yesterday.
B: I am consistent!
M: Oh have been pretty consistent with those five-star restaurant meals, wedding feasts, and midnight snacks...
B: But I am generally careful what I eat...
M: You want to be like your mother and spend your time in and out of the hospital?
B: That was an unfair crack.
M: That's why you exercise...I hope you don't think that regular exercise is going to make you look like one of those gorgeous will be a fit geriatric, that's more than enough.
B: That was an unfair-er crack. Sob!
M: Sob is right. SOB stands, not that, I couldn't call you Son..... Stop Occupying Beanbag! GO swimming, NOW!

Well, I think, today, finally, Mind is winning...see you lot after my swim....
Tags: exercise, fitness, mind-body war, swimming

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