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Perfect Torrent

Yesterday, I sat at home through the afternoon, waiting for a friend so that we could work on something of his together...I was checking LJ every now and then and there were HARDLY any posts.

Today, I take a train to Chennai and use a slow dialup connection...and there have been a perfect SLEW of posts. A rant on awful customers, cockroaches eating kolams, a beautiful picture of fall leaves, another recounting of a accident to a car wheel thanks to bad roads, a birthday wish ( :-D ), a post about Rabindranath Tagore, several thought-provoking posts, a delightful rendition of Carnatic music, a slurp-sounding recipe....

I do love LJ and my online friends. I think you all keep me thinking...and young at heart!
Tags: friends, interesting, lj, posts, variety

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