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It's a new day


We visited Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary with Abhijit Menon-Sen, Hassath, and little Ammu. And then we visited Lodhi Gardens (and I regret to say that the only calories I expended were from my index finger on the camera shutter while KM and his friend went around briskly!) I do love the sunrise, the freshness and the promise it brings:

"shAm kA sooraj bindiyA bankar sAgar mein khO jAyey
subah savErE wOhee sooraj AshA lEkar AyE"

(the evening sun becomes a coloured dot and loses itself in the ocean...
The same sun brings hope in the morning) is the sunrise......

That's the sun rising in the Sultanpur Bird Haryana, an hour's drive away from Delhi on the Jaipur Road.


Here's Old Sol showing himself behind the tomb of Ibrahim Lodhi, at Lodhi Gardens, a beautiful public park in Delhi.

IMG_0301 Sunrise in Lodhi Gardens (2) 5th Nov 06

And here's Shri Suryanarayana, through the trees of Lodhi Gardens.

IMG_0308 Sunrise in Lodhi Gdns, Delhi, 5th Nov 06

Will find time to do a post on the Punjabi-Sikh wedding extravaganza that we attended, and on the delightful birding trip we had...soon..soon...
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