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deponti to the world

my 2 cents

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Crested Lark in Camouflage

Just to give non-birders an idea of how tough it can be to spot birds. Normally I do not post large-size pictures, but this time I will.

Can you spot the Crested Lark in the picture?

IMG_0179 Crested Lark Camouflage

Awesome camouflage, isn't it!!

If you couldn't spot it...look along the line of the "vee"shaped bit of dry grass at the bottom of the picture, and you will see the bird.....

That's the kind of thing that raptors face they scan the ground from far above, looking for prey....builds a healthy respect for their abilities when you think about it!

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Oh Deponti you have me laughing out loud. At first I thought this had to be a joke--no bird here! But then I followed your instructions and found it. Truly, truly amazing!

Good grief! I would starve to death if I were a raptor. I bet the only thing that gives them away is movement.

That made me laugh...if you were a raptor you would have the raptor's eyes, too!

Wow..amazing pic..And you sure would make a good Predator with your Patience and spotting Skills

Thank you..the spotting skills belong to Abhijit Menon-Sen, it took KM and me a couple of minutes to see the bird AFTER he pointed it out!

Wow..He'll make a good Predator then..

I usually am good at spotting a different species of bird ... :-)
This is just awesome ...

sorry that was me ... dint login ... working from a new machine

Ha, I bet you are!

Just be sure that the other birds are also not camouflaging themselves and hiding from you...

Hi, saw your comment at yathin's about posting of camouflage and wandered over.


Nice pic.

What's that slightly left and above the bird, then ? Any idea ?

Sorry, ajat....I am not sure. But I rather think that the rest of it is the dry grassy land, with clumps of earth as well.

Glad you "wandered over"...I will now proceed to your LJ!

This was quite amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Well I will starve to death if I was a raptor.

Is this the bird?

Oh thank you. Now I know I spotted it right.

I almost gave up, and the eyes I saw only now after you sent your comment across.

yes, that's it! thanks, you provided the "answer" pic to my "question" pic!

If not for your clue I would have never spotted it.

That's just amazing. I had to stare for what seemed like forever to spot it.

I can see it but can hardly believe it!

I wandered here from kadambarid. I like your journal.

This is one good pic of the camo...most of the time we know there was a bird only after it flies away, when we get too near without spotting the bird.


Awesome, troth* the pic, your spotting abilities and the power of Natural Selection!

* - 'two things' == both, three things == troth, no? :D

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