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A lovely evening by myself...

Instead of my usual 45 min swim in the pool, went cycling to Ranga Shankara to see if I could get a ticket to the sold-out production of an abridged "Romeo and Juliet"...and as usual, someone did have a spare ticket which I bought. The production was OK, the audience consisted of classmates of most of the cast so there was much enthusiasm...cycled back, grinning in delight at the steep downslope (you guessed it, going to Ranga Shankara is gruelling!)came home to a lovely home-made hot meal, the kind almost everyone who can't cook dreams about...simple phulkas and dal can be SO satisfying!

Feeling far away from shortindiangirl just because she has gone to Israel...funny, because she is probably closer to me than she is normally (she is eleven and a half hours behind me, about as far as she can get on this planet!)...but just because she is in a foreign land, I feel she is further away.

Had a great time looking at LJ entries by various friends,and am updating my own....occasional solitude is heavenly.
Tags: child, daughter, foul play, lj, ranga shankara, solitude

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