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Off tomorrow...


From tomorrow, I have a series of trips...first, to BR Hills or K Gudi as the resort is called, for a bird survey; as soon as I return, I am going to Hubli/Dharwad with a side-sneak for a day to JLR Dandeli; then off to Mumbai for a wedding, and there is a mailing-list meeting in the middle of it all...In the middle of this, I want VERY much to meet thaths, tariquesani and swatisani and Aasim, too... I think I am going to get all confused and shout, "friends of K Gudi" or " lesser Aasim Nagpurvasii" or "Malabar Pied Casey O'Donnell" or "Foss. in Vaibhogame".....

Will be off the net for a while, during which time, no doubt all of you will produce your most scintiallating posts....
Tags: brhills, k.gudi, trips

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