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Woza Albert, acted by Rafiki


Yes, it's pretty late, I have dinner to clear away and stuff to keep ready (torch, birdbook, those oranges I bought for the journey)...but I want to post about the play I saw today.

Rafiki is one of my favourite theatre groups. They have been around for more than ten years now. They address, through theatre,  various forms of discrimination, and I have seen them stage some superb productions of Athol Fougard, the South African playwright, whose plays are about apartheid. Today's play was more a series of vignettes, about what would happen if Jesus (Morena) were to come back and see what South Africa is today.

The actors...Sunil and Anish...were just superb, as always. The intensity, the integrity and the honesty which Rafiki's actors bring to the stage is just amazing. And today, the production values were excellent too. Lights went on and off at precisely the right times.

But...the play ("Woza" means, "Rise!") didn't quite woza up to my expectations. The situations fell between comedy and seriousness and it was uncomfortable to titter while being seriously addressed. And I did feel the play went on a tad too long.

But that said, Rafiki lived up to their own high standards of theatre...a great pity that the elderly couple I was with had to go home and I could not stay for the post-play discussion that is a feature of Rafiki productions.

My favourite theatre group is still doing great work .All the best to them in the years ahead!
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