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Will be posting tomorrow about the various thoughts and experiences on a 15 hour flight, with a window seat.....

Will post about seeing, quite literally, the world go by...the Alps, the awesome white desolation of the Arctic circle, travelling economy again after a few years (these are all mem.s to myself!)

Will post about being back to having "SSSS" on my boarding pass, which means special screening, and my thoughts on security theatre, especially as a large bottle of contact lens solution,that I had forgotten about, made it all the way in my handbag...

But right now, I want to write about our visit today to Meramec Caves

Tomorrow I will try to post some of the photos that KM took. We visited some very similar caves in Uttaranchal in May;the differences between the way the caves are maintained, marketed and revered are so striking...the caves in Uttaranchal were tied to mythology and were supposed to be the residence of the Pandavas; everywhere the rock formations were likened to gods and goddesses. Access was really difficult and we came out covered in dirt and water; but everything was natural to a degree not possible in the Meramec Caves where Jesse Jackson is supposed to have had his hideout...the floor of one of the largest caves has been converted, I am not joking, to a dance floor, with a strobe-light ball, too! We paid 60$ for the 4 of us, the tickets at Uttaranchal were five rupees each...but inside, what Nature has wrought was equally amazing in both places. In Meramec, we had a guide whose words NONE of us (we had another family from Connecticut visiting too) could understand,between her nasal twang and her sing-song way of speaking, with no enthusiasm at all about what she was showing us....but then, we didn't need her enthusiasm to be anthralled!

Driving (both yesterday and today) was a big relief as I was wondering whether a) I had lost my touch and would go off to the wrong side of the road and b) I managed fairly well on the snowy and sometimes icy roads. But then, the last two days were the weekend...let's see how I cope on weekdays!

That's it for today, as my carriage turned into a pumpkin long ago....tried\getting amoghavarsha online but got chatting to beast_666 A little earlier, madrasi_in_mo and mriga had come home with their son and we had a wonderful time!

Must also post about the bunnies in the house,two of which someone palmed off on DnA, and one of which had to have a $245 X-ray last month...oh well, time enough for it all tomorrow!
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