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Well, close enough....went and saw Anniyan. While the comedy was very funny in parts, and never the puerile, innuendo-filled cringemaker it is often is in Tamizh films, the violence in today's movies really horrifies me. Fight scenes were never-ending; blood and gore in graphic detail....threads ( like the Carnatic music connection in the beginning) that disappear completely later on are also confusing....

What is most disturbing to me is, however, the fact that serious illnesses/conditions are trivialized and over-dramatized and made so simplistic....witness "Anjali" for example,where the cuddly cute child hardly shows any of the signs of cerebral palsy.... and in this movie, Multiple Personality Disorder is made a kind of play-acting, with the hero's shirt and shoes also changing with his hairdo as his personae change, even in a hospital room. A serious condition made to satisfy one actor's display of histrionics....can we never depict reality as it is in movies? Is there some law against it?

Also, during the song sequences, large areas of rock faces and roads have been painted over...did the film unit clean up after they were done shooting? I would be very surprised (and delighted) if they did....

I also dislike the over-sanitization of Indian scenery in our movies. Where are the dirty, trash-filled villages? Where are the poor? Where are the stray dogs,the turds on the streets?

The movie was worth about 20% of the ticket money I paid....
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