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Singing...and getting left behind...

Been trying to get back to singing Carnatic music, much helped by Jaishankar, who returned from studies in St Louis and is with Lucent (Bell Labs) now....feels so enjoyable, and I realize how very rusty my voice has become. Resolve (serious look of determination on face) to practice more is great to be able to enjoy music, and even nicer to be able to sing well.

Was about to post this entry when the "tag" window caught my eye...clicked on it, and when I went "back" to LJ, my entry had been deleted... I am a toddler in the LJ swimming pool! I used to wonder what technologies would exist by the time I reached,say, my seventies, and how condescendingly young people will look at me and say, "she is hopelessly dated...this scenario is already coming to pass, alas, alas! (that's poetry for you.)
Tags: carnatic music, jeyashankher, lj, practice, singing, toddler

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