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The Butterflies...

I am sending some pictures of the beautiful butterflies that I snapped in the St Louis Zoo...god, it is SO difficult to get these things on camera!!

I don't know most of the id' I would appreciate some help on them. There were only volunteers in the Insectarium and even the list of id's that they had didn't match up with the pictures I had...

Let me start with those whose id I *do* know:

Here are the ZEBRA LONGWINGS...

Zebra Longwing Butterfly, IMG_0856.JPG

Zebra Long Wing Butterfly, IMG_0855.JPG

And here are some of PAPER KITES:

Paper Kite Butterfly

Paper Kite Butterfly, IMG_0860.JPG

Paper Kite Butterflies, IMG_0858.JPG

That's the MONARCH...

Monarch Butterfly

And here are the rest...

butterfly, IMG_0901.JPG

Cruiser female (?)

Butterfly, IMG_O898.JPG

Common Sailor (?)

Butterfly, IMG_0891.JPG

Cruiser Male (?)

I would like to know if this butterfly is excreting, or laying eggs, or what...?

Butterfly, IMG_0890.JPG

Paper Kite

Butterfly, IMG_0867.JPG

Cruiser Male (?)

Butterfly, IMG_0887.JPG

Julia (?)

This NOT a wooden model. It IS a butterfly!!


Atlas Moth (they don't last for more than a few days, I was told; I was lucky to see one.)

And here's one which is not so much in focus but it's coming out of its chrysalis...

Butterfly emerging from Cocoon, IMG_0878.JPG

Comments welcome...oh I love butterflies....!
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