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beast_666 and I were supposed to meet up tomorrow and we wanted him to join us for dinner. Today he called up and said that the last bus to where he lived would leave at 7pm, and so joining us for dinner would not be possible.

We then talked over our schedules for the day and gave him several options by which he could even spend a little time with us when we were driving around doing the various chores before the wedding..... and we could then drop him back at the bus station...but apparently these options didn't appeal too much to him.

But I don't know...beast, didn't you look up the bus schedules in the several, several days that we planned this meeting? Why is it that I cannnot shake off a feeling that there is more to this cancellation than meets the eye? Being a typical Indian, I cannot help it something I said or did, or something that I didn't say or didn't do?

Feeling sad..not a nice way to feel on Christmas Day. I have been trying to meet several LJ-ers...enigmaticash, beast_666, travelertrish...all with about the same degree of is sad that logistics seem to be more in favour of meeting over the Net rather than meeting face-to-face...

But oh well, I have been able to meet several OTHER LJ-ers...shortindiangirl, "LJ user="chaibacca">, "LJ user="madrasi_in_mo">, "LJ user="mriga"> (though this LJ-er never posts anything!)...and hopefully, my proposed meeting with varshax (coming down to LA to meet me) won't get cancelled as well....and I hope to be able to visit wondernoon too...

Hope...hope...but it is really difficult--AND expensive-- to even plan to meet people in this vast country....I do love meeting up with friends when travelling to their part of the world...but things sometimes don't work out....
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