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Many thanks are due...

Mucho thankingso to Hari and Anu (amply aided by little, delightful Akhil) who took a LOT of trouble and lent their home, to ensure that the surprise party for my daughter and son-in-law's wedding anniversary, falling tomorrow (Jan 9th),was a great success. They made sure that everyone turned up, even most of the doubtfuls...we really enjoyed meeting DnA's friends, some for the first time. Some others, who met us at the temple or at the History Museum, did a Oscar-worthy job of wishing us a happy journey and other stuff that indicated we might not meet in the near future.

Hari's fantastic touch was to put up a "Congratulations" strip and under that, a "Survivor" notice and a "DS (son-in-law) support group" notice too!

It makes me feel so happy to see that DnA, too, have as great friends as we have.

I must say, a lot of tension involved in trying to keep a part secret from someone who specializes in gathering wonder I have never been successful in having any surprise for KM (he even winkled out the carefully hidden fact that I was going to LA with him out of poor DS in a truly Machiavellian way.)

The Canon is simbly GONDIPADED (ha, work that out) with pics...will work on it this week. Pics, hopefully, coming up soon!
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