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The St Louis Science Centre

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at The Science Centre, St Louis. ...we went and watched two IMAX films, one about a team of amateur climbers (including a 9 year old) who climbed Mt Kilimanjaro...and another one, which was being filmed as a kind of "what is" film about what would happen if the disappearing wetlands around the Mississippi area resulted in floods...and while it was being filmed, Katrina actually happened. The film documented the changes in the lives of the musicians of a jazz/blues was moving and heart-wrenching, with fantastic music from the band, which brought tears to my eyes. No time to visit the Planetarium but will do so some time soon.(Have to get the taste of the Pasadena Planetarium out of my mouth anyway.)

We also visited The Art Museum because it had a Rembrandt etchings show that we wanted to see. The etchings were just fantastic in their mastery of line and detail. I will post a lovely self-portrait of Rembrandt that KM photographed (can you imagine, photography was allowed, without flash, for etchings/woodcuts which were not part of private collections.)

I have finally started uploading a lot of pictures, now that all the celebrations are over....they are on KM's laptop now and he is using it, so some of them will go up tomorrow.

And don't KM and I went and saw the aDORable cheetah cubs in their indoor enclosure with their mother, Lucia. KM and I took some fairly good snaps though of course we had to shoot through the wire fence (Steve Bircher, the curator, actually took us inside the enclosure when he realized that we were seriously interested. This post tomorrow because it is already Cinderella time and those darn horses have turned into rats!

KM and I waited for DnA to come home from work, and meanwhile, watched, for the first time, West Side Story , with music by that immortal, Leonard Bernstein. Lovely evening....
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