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Incredible Light

This is my tribute to the many photographers on LJ whose work I admire so much that it got me out of my rooted feeling that I would never be good at photography, and whose encouragement keeps me going when I still get discouraged occasionally.

I am using the "large" format, which I don't, normally....if the effect on my LJ isn't good, I will re-size it back to "medium"...

I just HAD to shoot this image; I bet you can never, ever, guess what it is....

Incredible light

Isn't that light wonderful?

The hippo enclosure at the St Louis Zoo has a plexiglass sheet down one side so that one can see the hippos both on land, and under water as, transformed from lumbering land animals to graceful shapes, they swim past underwater. The sun was shining through the water and the glass, and was falling in prismatic glory on the concrete and the sere image that I was lucky enough to see, and even luckier to have the camera handy!

To every one of you photographers, from A to Y, ( through D and K and at least two S's!)who have encouraged me and my photography...thank you.
Tags: light, photography, prismatic, st louis zoo, thanks

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