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The ice-storm in this area has resulted in a lovely dusting of frost on all the trees, and icicles under all the street signs and house eaves. It is such a lovely thing to see...there was this powdery, ghostly effect to the light throughout the day (yes, I did go for a lovely 45 minute walk!).....and in the evening I dragged everyone along to the Ice Festival at the Loop area, where they had put up various ice sculptures, an ice slide and an ice maze...I also thought about what it would mean to be homeless in this weather. This resulted in my giving a dollar to the poor old couple I found on the street corner with their hats out. Would I give 50 rupees to a beggar back home, though?

KM took a few pictures of the frozen branches of the tree, and so did I...picture-posts a little later!
Tags: freezing, icicles, weather

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