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Artificial Displays at the St Louis Zoo

The Zoo takes a lot of effort to recreate the kind of natural scenery one would see while sighting an animal in the wild.

Here are some examples:

In the bee-eater section, here is a recreation of the rock face in which bee-eaters lay their eggs:

artificial nests of bee-eaters, St Louis Zoo

While you are looking at the elephant and rhino enclosures, your eye is caught by a realistic monitor lizard on the rocks:

artificial display of monitor lizard, St Louis Zoo

Here's a display of a cobra with her eggs, something that I would definitely find it very hard to see in the wild:

Artificial display of cobra, St Louis Zoo

The Zoo authorities have built these bird nests to encourage the birds to nest and breed (yes, they ARE built by humans not birds!)

Artificial nests, St Louis Zoo

And in the cheetah enclosure, here's a recreation of a kill hanging on the tree. I am pretty sure this is a recreation of the kill that Steve Bircher saw during his incredible 2000 Serengeti sighting of the female cheetah killing a Thomson's Gazelle, which I referred to this post :

artificial kill St Louis Zoo

The paths in the Zoo are filled with different tracks, of birds and mammals; indeed, to go the River's Edge where many mammals are, one has to follow the hippo tracks!

As I said...the St Louis Zoo is so well run....and all this for a fraction of the prices that other Zoos charge.
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